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6' Plastic Leech Clamps

6' Plastic Leech Clamps

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6' Plastic Leech Tongs (Short Variety) - Material: Plastic. Tongs are a highly recommended tool for use with any type of leech creature. Leech forceps are an indispensable tool to use in leech management. These forceps allow speed, accuracy and delicate handling of the leech. When you handle leeches with forceps, you are avoiding the possibility of leeches biting or sticking to your hands and rubber gloves. Once a leech grabs onto your gloves with its powerful suckers, you will have a very difficult time removing them. This applies to everything a leech gets. Leeches will suck well and will not let go, unless this useful tool helps you and gets you out of a "sticky" situation. Managing your leeches with this delicate tool is truly child's play and you will find out very quickly how true this is! Even when your leeches arrive in the mail and you need to get them out of their protective bottles, you will find this job as easy as 1-2-3 with the help of leech tongs, however, without them, it would take away quite a bit of time to deal with it and you may have to pry open or cut the bottle to get them out - you'll be glad you have the pliers to make this job less of a hassle.

Also, if you are raising leech type pets or are keeping a lot of leeches in leech jars or containers and are growing your own leech collection or are also trying to breed leeches, you will definitely need to invest in this tool, which makes all the tasks related to leeches (as a water change) so incredibly easy and quick and virtually error-proof. The tool also gives you the ability to quickly move your creatures back and forth, transfer them to new containers, change and upgrade their leech hut to a new environment with moss, rocks and other leech indulgences. We believe the forceps tool is a must for anyone dealing with leeches. This incredible product is also one of the two best sellers in our leech supply store (number one is the leech jar).

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