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Hungarian Leech Europe

Hungarian Leech Europe

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Hirudo Verbana Medicinalis blood-sucking leech - also known as the "Hungarian leech" is the first variety of leech ever used in medicine and Hirudotherapy in the history of the world. The Hungarian leech (hirudo verbana) is a close sister to the Hirudo Medicinalis and nearly identical in appearance, genetics, composition and function to its counterpart. In ancient times, leeches began to be used in Eastern Europe and Russia for medicinal purposes by healers and practitioners. Lyes were used extensively in Romania, Hungary, and the huge land mass of the former Soviet Union, which now includes all of Russia's territories. The leech that inhabited those areas had a distinctly beautiful pattern on its back and a greenish-brown tint to its coloration. As the ancient practice of Hirudotherapy grew and became more popular and widespread, Western European countries noticed and adopted the use of the Hungarian leech into their own medicinal practices. Countries like France, the Netherlands, and Germany have started importing huge quantities of Hirudo verbana and applying it to patients' bodies for different medical conditions. In more modern times, Western European doctors and scientists eventually decided to conduct more in-depth studies of the leech as an animal and healer. To conduct these studies, they needed a leech that was more widespread locally in the Netherlands (Holland) region and western parts of Europe. The variety of leech that was eventually studied was called Hirudo Medicinalis, and the leech itself features the same pattern and coloration as the original verbana leech, but its lateral stripes have a more pinstripe pattern than the broader, more elaborate coloration pattern of the verbana. Hospitals and medical professionals extensively analyzed the amount of Hirudina and found that there were over 360 in leech saliva.

bio components available. The leaching functions and side effects were also tested and analyzed, whereby the Western European leech variety was then considered the "official leech", since it had been scientifically studied and documented and provided a good reference point for doctors and hospitals to scientifically base their data on. Taking into consideration the convenience of being local for the study groups, the Hirudo medicinalis species has since been exploited, turned into an expensive industrial medical brand and started to be cultivated and bred in clinical leech farms and capitalized. Today, the Hungarian Hirudo verbana leech continues to be the single most used leech in Europe by people, folk healers and medicine men. Its use has expanded across the world, as populations migrate and bring their healing practices with them. This product is one of our best-selling leeches among experienced Russian Hirudotherapists and LEECH SPA professionals in the United States and around the world!

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