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Hungry Giant Leech

Hungry Giant Leech

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Giant leech Hirudo Verbana. Sold as: Pet leeches. Not suitable for leech therapy. Giant animal leeches are beautifully colored Hirudo Verbana Medicinalis Medicinalis leeches. This is the original type of leech that was used in leech therapy throughout Europe. Hirudo Verbana is believed to be the basis of Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, which depicts a human being - a count, who actually possessed leech-like behavior and believed himself to be a leech disguised in human form. Some species of this Hirudo variety are very large in size and are preferred to be kept as pets by humans because they are easy to care for. Hirudo Verbana pets feed on the blood of humans and mammals and are at least 1 year old.

These leeches can live up to a year without feeding, and when they do begin to move, they are slower to move, but much more robust than their smaller Hungarian Verbana counterparts or their Hirudo Medicinallis medicinal leeches counterparts. Giant leeches can be fed every 3 to 6 months on your pet or on their own, such as on the arm or the back of the neck. These leeches will expand to a huge size when fed and filled with blood. They suck quickly and very confidently. This pet leech is a blood experimenter and does not hesitate to bite the area of ​​your choice. You can also place it on a dog, cat, sheep, cow or horse to feed on. Since it does not require that much maintenance and feeding, it is considered the perfect aquatic pet for some who have decided to try something different.

Giant Hirudo Verbana are intelligent creatures and very easy to care for. They have a mind of their own and a personality. If you are looking for another leech with personality, the Asian Bufallo is another alternative, although they are much more difficult to maintain and care for. If you acquire two pet leeches of this huge size and keep them together, they will eventually mate in the spring and may give birth to a cocoon full of tiny leeches.

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