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Indonesian Leech Oil - 60ml

Indonesian Leech Oil - 60ml

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Leech oil is traditionally used as a massage oil as a safe remedy for penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction. This pure leech oil extract is excellent for penile vitality and prolonged sexual stamina.

Leeches contain a large number of active enzymes that act on every system and subsystem connected to blood flow and microcirculation.

With regular use of this leech oil, the user will learn to control the muscles responsible for ejaculation.
A man would be able to reach more heights, as well as experience better satisfaction from his female partner.
Leech oil has been used for centuries as a natural male enhancer and is renowned as a traditional solution in many cultures where men are expected to satisfy multiple wives. In some countries, where appropriate, this pure leech oil is applied generously to stimulate intimate desire and to enlarge the reproductive organ to a satisfactory size.

It is reported that regular daily use of this leech oil for 40 consecutive days, leads to significant expansion, which in itself leads to better sexual intercourse between couples. This prolonged use increases sexual satisfaction in both individuals, as well as strengthens the male reproductive organ for easier seminal ejaculation.


A first time user is advised to massage the groin with this leech oil and following the massage technique suggested below, once a day, after bath, (do not wash off the oil after massage), continuously for at least 7 days or until desired size and functionality is achieved. Subsequently, the frequency of application can be reduced to 2-3 times a week.

Massage from base to head on the right and left side. Press the skin at the base of the penis if the skin is loose. Repeat 5 times.
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