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Leech Cream Extract "Sofia" for Varicose Veins - 200ml

Leech Cream Extract "Sofia" for Varicose Veins - 200ml

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Leech cream "Sofia" for varicose veins with leech extract - 200ml

Leech oil is traditionally used as a massage oil as a safe remedy. This cream is based on leech oil and uses pure leech oil extract, which is excellent for resisting the vitality of blood vessels.

The leech contains a large number of active enzymes that act on every system and subsystem connected to blood flow and microcirculation.

Leech oil has been used for centuries as a natural stimulant for skin and blood vessel elasticity and is renowned as a traditional solution in many cultures. In some countries, pure leech oil is applied generously to stimulate the affected area.
It is reported that regular daily use of this leech cream without dosage for 40 days, leads to significant strengthening of blood vessels: arteries, veins and capillaries, as well as the skin and muscles surrounding them. This prolonged use is recommended in the treatment of varicose veins or spider vein diseases.


A first time user is advised to massage the affected area: feet, ankles or thighs with this leech oil and following the massage technique suggested below, once a day, after bath, (do not wash off the cream after massage), continuously for at least 7 days or until the desired result and hardening are obtained. Subsequently, the frequency of application can be reduced to 2-3 times a week.

Massage is recommended from top to bottom, as well as in the reverse movement from bottom to top.
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