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Order 25 Leeches in Australia and New Zealand

Order 25 Leeches in Australia and New Zealand

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20 Medicinal Leeches Vive Hirudo Verbana of Mixed Sizes

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Hirudotherapy for Alopecia

  • Leeches are also known for treating black eyes.
  • Hirodin can be used to treat middle ear infections and is being tested as a systemic coagulant.
  • Cures boils, shingles, psoriasis, skin grafts, venous diseases, skin diseases, acne, hepatitis.
  • The European medicinal leech or Hirudo Medicinalis is used for microsurgery grafting and for constructive surgery.
  • Treatment of vascular and cardiovascular diseases, alopecia and baldness, arthritis, diabetes, ear and hearing problems, endometriosis, hair loss, eye diseases.
  • Hirudo Medicinalis have anticoagulant, dissolving, anti-inflammatory, vasodilator, bacteriostatic and anesthetic effects that can be used to treat a variety of diseases and conditions.
  • European medicinal leeches were popular during the Middle Ages because they were known to cure infections and remained a great option for treating infections until the discovery of antibiotics.
  • Doctors use Hirudo (medicinal leech) for microsurgery because of their abilities to remove blood that has clotted, relieve venous congestion and muscle flaps.
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